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Mr. Neville Magon

Neville Magon
2019-07-19 05:52
Dear Mr. Sir,

We are in the process of preparing recommendations of potential bidders for the Structural Steel commodity for PTT GCA Project for management approval.

We are also planning to issue the RFP soon, with the aim to requesting formal quotations from all bidders in best time possible.

We would therefore like to request your prompt reply to the following points:

  1. Please confirm your interest in bidding for this scope and the best time period you will be able to submit the complete formal quotation for our consideration.

  2. Please confirm who would be the main point of contact for this new project and subject MR scope for quotation purposes.   Please advise complete contact / title / mailing address etc., details of each contact provided.

  3. Please advise or confirm if your company belongs to a Union and if so, which local labor union your company is members of.

  4. Please advise your DUNS number.

  5. Please provide any reference / experience list showing supply of such structural steel and main country of origin for this scope of supply.

  6. Which location would provide the proposal and which one location would execute, in the event of an award.

We would appreciate your reply to the above by COB tomorrow or earlier.

Thank you,




Neville Magon| Procurement
Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Inc.

PTT GCA Project, Dilles Bottom, Ohio

3000 Post Oak Blvd., 11W235 |MS92|Houston, TX 77056
T: +1 713 235 2587 | E:
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