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Quality Management – CSM(Customer Satisfaction Management)

Quality management is Young Hwa’s commitment to creating value for our customers.

Quality Management

Quality certifications acquired so far include: the ISO 9001 international quality system certification, the Korean government’s Class 1 Steel Structure Fabrication Facility Certification, H-GRADE for Steel Structure Fabrication Facility Certification.  Young Hwa’s quality improvement efforts will continue, and we will continue striving to provide safe and reliable products which meet and exceed customer demands and requirements.We have implemented a seamless quality management system in keeping with international standards at Young Hwa.


Quality Policy

Young Hwa Construction & Engineering’s quality policy is for all staff and executives to :
Recognize product quality as their top priority;
Faithfully carry out the necessary regulations for construction;
Engage in sustained quality improvement activities, and;
Fabricate and build robust and high-quality products,
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations and demands.

Quality Goal

  • Establish quality objectives by which customer satisfaction can be realized

Quality Objectives

  • All staff, executives and workers to be aware of and carry out quality policy
  • Collection/analysis of potential problems through preemptive risk management, with sustained improvement
  • Management of non-conformities with recurrence prevention, and immediate corrective action upon occurrence of non-conformities
  • Education and training to improve quality mindset of employees and workers
  • Preemptive production management for production cost savings and productivity maximization

This Quality Policy applies to all staff and executives of the company. Education and training shall be administered to ensure full familiarity, and all affairs of the company shall be carried out in a conformant manner.
Further, the company’s quality management system shall be continually improved through this Quality Policy.

President & CEO, Young Hwa Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.