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Quality Management – CSM(Customer Satisfaction Management)

We shall pursue customer oriented management and provide great satisfaction to customers by offering the best quality product and services.

Quality Management

Young Hwa has obtained domestic and international quality certificates by official organization such as ISO 9001 by International Organization for Standardization, Certificate of H-Grade by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan and Factory Certificate (Class1) by Ministry of Construction and Transportation in Korea.

Quality Policy

Young Hwa Con & Eng is building a quality management system that can provide the best quality products and services to our customers in a timely manner and continuously improving them to maximize customer value.

Strengthening its own quality capability

  • Strengthening our own quality capability through steady innovation efforts
  • Efforts to promote Morale for members

Establish global standard system

  • Goal to establish a quality management system of global standard
  • Compliance with relevant laws and continuous improvement of inhibition factors

Securing differentiated technology

  • Reduce costs and enhance corporate value by securing differentiated technologies
  • Strengthen training and communication

Preemptive prevention

  • Minimize quality risk through preemptive preventive activities rather than reactive measures

We will do our best to provide customer satisfaction and top quality by practicing the above quality policy.