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Sustainability – CSM(Customer Satisfaction Management)

Through Sustainability Management rooted in change and innovation, we at Young Hwa grow hand-in-hand with our customers, and contribute to the progress of our society and country.

Our management system ensures continuity of business through prompt response and restoration activities even in the event of contingencies.

Our Strategy

Planning and preparedness

  • Establishment of basic framework for business continuity objectives and restoration activities
  • Active compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as stakeholder requirements
  • Plan, prepare and educate beforehand on matters to be carried out in the event of crises

Risk prevention activities

  • Activities to identify and mitigate beforehand any business interruption risk factors
  • Engaging external and internal stakeholders through communication

Emergency response

  • Determination of critical businesses and affairs requiring continuity
  • Prompt evacuation and effective utilization of resources and competencies to minimize damage

Consistent inspection and improvement

  • Improvement of policies and operational systems for damage recovery and recurrence prevention
  • Feasibility assessment for expected benefits from master plan