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Sustainability – CSM(Customer Satisfaction Management)

We will contribute to the development of the nation and society through a sustainability management based on change and innovation.

Young Hwa Con & Eng will create a management system that will enable business continuity to continue without interruption through prompt response and restoration activities even in the event of an emergency.

Strategic System

Planning and preparation

  • Establish a basic framework for business continuity goals and restoration activities
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, stakeholder requirements
  • Plan, prepare and educate in advance what to do in times of crisis

Risk prevention activity

  • Activities to identify and mitigate the crisis of business interruption in advance
  • Active communication with internal and external stakeholders

Emergency response

  • Deciding on important business and business that should continue
  • Efficient use of resources and competencies and rapid evacuation to minimize damage

Continuous inspection and improvement

  • Performing a series of activities to improve the system and prevent the recurrence of damage
  • Identify the feasibility of the expected effects from the master plan