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CEO Message

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Thank you for visiting the Young Hwa Construction & Engineering Co.,Ltd. website.

Since our inception, we at Young Hwa Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. have implemented stringent quality controls with aggressive investment commitments and technological innovation, establishing our name as a leader in structural steel both in Korea and overseas (CIS, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.). Production from our plants in Korea and the United Arab Emirates exceeds 126,000 tons per year. In addition to structural steel, we have executed projects across various industries including gas and crude oil plants, power and energy plants, building projects and housing projects.

In 2018, we acquired JMC Industries, a leading firm in the Korean chemical equipment and machinery sector. The synergistic effects from this acquisition will allow us to better meet customer requirements.
JMC Heavy Industries is a leader in engineering, design and production of towers, reactors, heat exchangers including D-type and breech & lock type heat exchangers, waste heat boilers, air coolers, modules, and various equipment for refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and gas co-generation plants. The renown, reputation and experience JMC Heavy Industries has built up in these sectors continue to drive the company’s sustained growth.

The acquisition brings with it superior talent, know-how, quality and services in the fields of reactors, heat exchangers, towers and other plant-related areas. This will expand the scope of Young Hwa Construction & Engineering, already a domestic and global leader in fabricated steel structures.

All of the staff and executives of Young Hwa execute our business in a transparent, fair and reasonable manner, based on an uncompromising code of ethics. Actively diversifying our business areas and engaging in projects for the betterment of society, we are a robust corporation with sustainability and future promise.

Thank you.

Nam-chul Kim
President & CEO, Young Hwa Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.