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JMC Plant

We will become a company preparing
for the upcoming future with advanced technology.

We can say with confidence, JMC Plant Division (Formerly: JMC Heavy Industries) has a lot of experience and competitive position in the world for engineering, manufacturing and supply.
Based on our wide experience more than 30 years, we are having modernized welding techniques including submerged ac process, the shield metal arc process and the electroslag process.
Our design and manufacturing is carried out with inspection standards and international codes according to LLOYDS, DNV, BVQI, MOODY, ABS, SGS, STOOMWEZEN and SQL. Also, JMC can handle big size equipment such as Tower and Reactor without any transportation and shipping problem because our Gunsan factory is located beside international harbor.
Therefore, JMC is now recognized internationally about manufacturing of Tower, Column and Reactor.

Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube Type

  • Since 1983, JMC Plant Division has supplied to a lot of customers through the world with a wide variety of heat transfer equipment.
    So, today, Shell & Tube type Heat Exchanger is one of our representative products such as tubular shell and tube type, rod-baffle type and multiple type.
    Also, our factory is equipped with modernized machine tools such as CNC Drilling Machine, Lathes, Bores, Mills, Machining Centers and Radial Drills Machine for precise processing.

Waste Heat Boiler

  • Waste Heat Boiler and incinerator are one of our major business fields, JMC Plant Division is capable of designing and manufacturing to meet virtually incineration or boiler requirement.
    Customer needs frequently new approaches and design. When this is the case, JMC’s engineers combines creativity with long experience and dedication to arrive at the best approach and offer with an eye to price for the Process Gas Incinerator, Water Tube Package Boiler, Fire Tube Package Boiler, Gas Firing Boiler and kinds of Waste Heat Boiler.
    We exert every effort to remain at the technology leading edge, because therein lies our competitive advantage.

Pressure Vessel

A Pressure Vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure.
As the pressure differential is a fatal factor, its design, manufacture, and operation are regulated by engineering authorities backed up by the international standards. For these reasons, “Design Pressure” and “Design Temperature” of the Vessel are governed by design codes such as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code in North America, PED(Pressure Equipment Directive)of the EU and so on.
We are manufacturing the various kinds of Pressure Vessel under the strict Quality Control System based on ASME and ISO of international quality, safety system.

Air Cooler

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger is another kind of cooling system for chemical, petrochemical and power plants.
JMC Plant Division is capable of designing and manufacturing air cooled heat exchangers based upon the experience of many years and intensive development work using HTRI.


JMC Plant Division is manufacturing all kinds of Module Packages together with GTC (Glitch Technology Center, USA). Especially, we have wide experience about SRU(Sulfur Recovery Unit) and PTA(Purified Terephthalic acid Unit) Modules.
We think also that Crystallizer Unit is a field of our other Module business.

Major Projects