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Safety & Health Management – CSM(Customer Satisfaction Management)

We at Young Hwa Construction & Engineering practice respect for all persons, with safety and health as our most crucial objective.

Our safety & health management policy places safety before all else in our business activities. Through meticulous safety management, we have built confidence in safety.


“Practicing respect for human life through a safe workplace”

Safety is the top priority in all of Young Hwa’s management activities. We enforce preemptive improvement and hazard elimination activities throughout our production, installation and post-installation service processes.
We also strive to create a work environment where our staff and executives’ safety is ensured, and have implemented a range of policies to improve job satisfaction.
We have acquired the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) Certification, and administer regular safety education to staff, executives and related parties for prevention of safety incidents and accidents.


Building a culture of self-initiated safety and health

  • Establishing a safety-first culture
  • Creating a self-initiated safety and healthy atmosphere
  • Establishing and improving a safety education system

Improved risk preemption activities

  • Systematic risk management
  • Preemptive improvement and hazard elimination
  • Improved health management and illness prevention for employees

Company-wide improvement of safety and health competencies

  • Improvements to safety and health system and organization
  • Global-standard safety and health management system
  • Bolstering of safety partnerships with vendors